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Gallery Artists

Tan Armentrout
Oil Painting


Born in Thailand, Tan began painting when she was 15 years old. As an adult, she moved to Virginia where she creates strikingly detailed oil paintings on both canvas and linen.

Her artwork is inspired by her love of nature, and based on the gardens, flowers and local wildlife. She paints the gardens at her home in Virginia, and other parks and gardens near her home. She also travels to the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, the Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, as well as to her family farm on the Chao Phraya River in Thailand.

Tan's artwork also be found on her web site, and at various shows and locations in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Julie Bahun

Julie Bahun is a self-taught lampwork and silver artist who has been creating beautiful glass beads and sculptural art for over 20 years. Her home studio is located in Potomac Falls, Virginia.

Julie’s art has evolved through her passion and dedication to the study of glass. Julie’s glass designs are created from images that move her: waves crashing on the beach, the warm colors of the end of summer, or a field of flowers. With a focus on technique, she builds a sound foundation for each glass creation. Each piece is made with a balance of shape, texture, and color. In the end, Julie’s work is an expression of her ideas in a beautiful and well-crafted piece of wearable art.

Liz Cresap
Fused Glass


Liz creates functional and decorative fused glass plates and bowls, as well as her fun whimsical standing fused pieces. Her work often has a flowing nature theme that gives the viewer a creative journey. Liz has been a glass artist for 29 years — working first in stained glass and evolving to fused glass over the years. Lately she has been inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the beautiful surrounding countryside and has enjoyed incorporating these elements into her work. Liz has a degree in Design from the University of of Maryland.

Melinda Croft

Melinda's forms are influenced by Asian arts and philosophies, artists and architects such as Antoni Gaudi and Louis Sullivan; they all interpreted natural forms and expressed them in their work. There is an ancient belief by Chinese potters that clay pots being of the earth are spirits of the earth. She likes to believe her pots are earth spirits that capture a little of herself as well.

Charlotte B. DeMolay
Acrylic, Mixed Media, Pastel


Charlotte B. DeMolay examines the relationship between nature and man through layers and textures. She is constantly exploring new ways to express this relationship in acrylic, pastel and mixed media. She intensifies the viewing experience with brighter colors, unusual viewpoints and vivid texture, blurring the line between canvas and sculpture.

Charlotte has been a practicing artist and instructor for over 20 years. She has participated in numerous art shows, solo exhibits, group exhibits and juried exhibitions. Charlotte has several awards from juried shows and her work is in many private collections around the country. She has done a variety of art including children’s book illustration, indoor murals and private commissions.

Charlotte has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She lived the first half of her life in North Carolina and the second in Texas. She moved to Virginia in 2016 and is constantly being inspired by the beauty of the area.

Robert Friedenberg

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A collection of very detailed black & white pen & ink drawings made using a .25mm Rapidograph utilizing a wide variety of themes ranging from naturalistic scenery to devices and mechanical objects to science fiction and fantasy often incorporating pictures, words, symbols, equations, and anything else I can think of to add depth, and texture, and to engage the viewer.

Karen Helble

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Karen uses traditional methods of hammering, casting, and spinning to create heirloom quality pieces. She and her husband, Stuart, have been pewtersmithing for over 35 years. Their pieces are well known for being highly polished and finely finished. Collectors enjoy the extensive selection of ornaments. Karen has carved close to 400 different designs!

Meredith Hilt
Jewelry, Metalwork, Sculpture

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Meredith Hilt specializes in wire and metal-smithing techniques. Meredith combines precious metal, wire and stone into wearable pieces of artwork. Using a hammer and torch, she merges metals together, seeing how they can play off one another. The finished result is often embellished with texture, artisan glass or semi-precious stones.


Teresa Jardines
Silver and Gemstone Jewelry


Teresa creates handmade jewelry made from .999 pure silver and sterling silver, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and brooches, often embellished with precious or semi-precious stones. She has been a professional artist for nearly three decades, with experience in a wide range of mediums including painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, ceramics and metal arts — all expertise she integrates into her jewelry techniques, resulting in designs that are uncommon, fresh, and original. Teresa believes each piece of jewelry tells a story. The process of creating something from nothing is her true passion — it often involves a personal connection, a story, a beautiful aspect of nature or simply a unique idea.

Mary Kenesson
Fiber Art, Jewelry

Mary Kenesson creates her "ma su ke" fiberarts and jewelry with an Asian flair, using beads, fibers, vintage buttons and found objects from around the world.

Jim Koenig


For two decades he has been creating and selling art made from objects found while hiking in woodlands, meadows and streets. Recently retired from nearly 30 years working as a building maintenance supervisor, Jim holds a BA in history and an MA in museum studies, writes and publishes short stories, is a long time volunteer at Harpers Ferry National Park.

Naturally curious, Jim finds things that appeal to his artistic sense and translates them into an elegant or often whimsical creation. Almost every day Jim hikes a few miles and all too frequently chances upon a discovery to add to his working inventory that may become his next unexpected creation. Taking the "finds" as he calls them, back to his shop, Jim noodles and fiddles until the concept emerges as a finished piece. Following his guiding philosophy of doing less to show more, he allows a piece to speak with minimal help from the artist. The trick, as he's learned, is having the eye to find just the right objects to begin with.

Kathy Kupka
Cards, Photography

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Kathy specializes in child and dog photography using available light only. She also has her own line of unique doggy greeting cards!

Don Maloney


My background in woodturning has been as a professional production turner for 15 years. As a result I find myself doing utilitarian types of turning. I like to turn for use and most of my turnings reflect just that. You take what the piece of wood gives you for an end result of form and function that is useful as well as pleasing to the eye.

Harriet Caffey Maloney


Harriet, who helped her husband, Don, in his architectural woodturning business for many years, was taught by him and has now been doing artistic woodturning for over 12 years. She is a retired licensed land surveyor and worked for the Virginia Outdoors Foundation for 12 years. Harriet turns everything from large bowls and vases to small artistic bowls, wine bottle stoppers, ring holders, and salt & peppers. She likes her work to be both artistic and utilitarian.

Jack Nevitt


Jack has been a photographer since he purchased his first SLR in 1968. He has worked as a photo lab technician in the Government for nearly 20 years and a video production specialist for 10 years, before retiring in 2003. Since retiring, Jack has been a full time nature and wildlife photographer.

Jack purchased his first digital camera in 2003 and has not looked back, shooting strictly digital ever since. Jack is a member of the Loudoun Photo Club and now resides is Ashburn, Va with his wife and basset hound, Tyler. Jack is represented in two galleries, the Gateway Gallery in Round Hill, Va and the Artists in the Village Gallery in Leesburg, Va.

He is currently involved in stock photography and his images have been used in magazines, TV shows and calendars around the country.


Gail Péan
Oil Painting


Following the death of my daughter Vanessa in 2005 I decided to take a leap into oil painting and try to capture her memory. Oil painting was therapeutic and is now a joyful act of creation and expression to me.

The physical act of brushwork and palette knife movement is engaging to my brain and relaxing as I lose track of time. Mixing colors and creating textures draws me into an act similar to singing or playing an instrument. It is difficult to stop until I am satisfied.

My art strives to bring life to the excitement of being there as a witness to nature in its glory and/or history.

My painting means my right to freedom of expression. It is an assertion of life as I am a recorder of the natural wonders of our earth and the environment, my friends and family members.

Teaching oil painting 2013-present
children and adults



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